How To Be A Vigilante Kindle Cover

Yep, my new novel How To Be A Vigilante: A Diary (although technically its my very first novel) is available for pre-order on Amazon now by clicking here! It will then be automatically beamed to your Kindle when its released on September 14th. So go pre-order now! Waaaaaah!

But wait …of course, you can just do that. Of course you could. But …how would you not only like to get it a month earlier than the release date, but for free?

All you need to do is click on the link below to sign up to my all-new Luke’s Smitherd’s All-New Premature Release Review Group. That’s right, the old group has been dismantled for reasons that will be explained when you click on the link (don’t worry, you can read them before you decide sign up or not; the link just takes you through to a rules and reviewer info page.) The rules are a bit stricter this time because a few people took advantage last time, sadly, but in a nutshell what you need to agree to do is this: read the book, and put up a review on September 14th. In return, I’ll send you an advance review copy of the book to read, absolutely free.


Q and A:

1. Yes, if you’re already a member of the old group, you have to sign up to the new group to take part.Sorry. There’s a reason why and it’s on the rules page too.
2. People often ask if they can pay when they get a free review copy; of course you can. Just click on the pre-order link above to buy the book, and I’ll still send you your copy early if you join the review group.
3. Yes, if you join the group and don’t keep up your end of the bargain, you will be banned from the mailing list and any future offers. I really, really hate to talk about stuff like that but if you did that I would consider it theft, and you, a cad.
4. Of course, if you just want to pre-order and are happy to wait until September 14th, you absolutely can! Just click on the pre-order link at the top of the email, or here! 🙂
5. Audiobook guys: sorry, but i can’t send you an early audiobook version I’m afraid. However, once it comes out, there will be free download codes going around in exchange for reviews. More on that nearer the time.

Either way: a new full-length novel is on its way very soon folks. I hope you’re as excited about my massive built-up release as I am.*

*pffft ….pffft ….bwahahahahahahaha!!!!