Hi folks. I’ve been quiet online for a while, as you’ll notice from the empty social feeds on the right hand side of the page. So quiet, in fact, that I released two novels and, while I listed them in the Books page, I didn’t actually make a post about them on the main feed of the website… so the home page still shows The Empty Men! There’s going to be a lot of activity coming between around November to April, and as a precursor to that, here at least are the two books I’ve released since my last post: The Stone Giant – The Stone Man, Book Three, and You See the Monster. I’m extremely proud of both of these so if you’ve been following the Stone Man series or just fancy a what I consider to be a modern horror novel then these two bad boys are the books for you. Universal Amazon links below, and my apologies for the radio silence. Exciting news coming soon (for real), so watch this space; in fact don’t watch this space, sign up to the Luke Smitherd Spam-Free Book Release Newsletter. That thing is the shit, I tell you, and you’ll miss nothing. Don’t be a ring piece, get yourself signed up. Your brain and loins will thank you.



YSTM Final Cover 2021