Tales of the unusual


Yes, the above audiobook is on its way very soon, as in hopefully-in-about-six-weeks soon. But you know what? That’s not the main reason I’m talking about this today.

Here’s the main reason: how would you like to get a book from me that is the only one of its kind in the world?

Once the novel I’ve been writing in parts for my Patreon subscribers – Kill Someone. Anyone – is finished, I’ll be preparing it for publication for the masses, and I want as many people as possible to know about it. So I had an idea for achieving that, and offering you guys a very unique prize for helping me do so.

Firstly, let me tell you what you can win.

Not only signed paperback copies of every single one of my paperback books – The Physics of the Dead, In The Darkness That’s Were I’ll Know You, A Head Full Of Knives, Weird. Dark.,  an upcoming secret novel (but more on that in a future email) and of course Caementum himself – but … the first ever print copy of Kill Someone. Anyone, signed by my good self.

And you know what? That’s not even the main bit.

The rest of the Tales of the Unusual series – Do Anything (Closure and Your Name Is In The Book) He Waits (He Waits and Keep Your Children Close)  and the mailing list signup story The Jesus Loophole are going to be released as a collected audio book (that you see at the top of this email) called, unsurprisingly, Tales of the Unusual.

While it will be getting audiobook release very soon, it will never be available to the public in print form.

There will, however, be ONE print copy that exists in the world …and it’ll be the winner of this competition that gets it. Signed too, of course.

So that’s all of my print novels (including the two upcoming, as-yet unreleased ones) printed and signed, including the first ever print copy of KSA (signed) and a print copy of Tales of the Unusual that no one else will ever own, also signed. Sound good? I hope so, it’s gonna cost me a fortune to post. So …how do you win it? I’ll tell you.

I want to get more people onto my mailing list, and I want you to help me. 

So I thought about what I could offer that would be really unique and special as a prize for doing so, and I came up with this.

Ok. Think about people you know who a: are readers, and b: who you think would like my stuff. Picturing them right now? Got ’em? Good. Then, if you want to have a go at winning this, what you do is forward them the below link, which contains the usual mailing list signup form with a very important addition: a box where they can add the name of the person who referred them. That way, I know who the signup came from.
The person who gets the most signups/completed referrals wins the bundle mentioned above!
Second and third place runners-up get a signed copy of Kill Someone. Anyone!
It’s that simple. A few important things to remember here:

1. Don’t just send an email to everyone in your address book. They won’t like it, and it’ll just create signups of people who have no interest in books anyway. Really think about who might actually want a free story at least (as all mailing list signups get The Jesus Loophole upon signup now).
2. Add a message to your email explaining why you’re doing it – as they’ll be more likely to help you – and tell  them that, of course, they get a free story for signing up. “Hey, if you signup to this mailing list which hardly ever emails, you’d be helping me out and you’d be getting a free story from this writer I think you’ll like for your trouble.” That kind of thing.

You may be wondering why I’m going to this trouble. Well, it’s because I have these new novels/audiobooks on the way and I want to really give them the best possible shot. More to come on those very soon …

So, if you want a chance of winning, here’s the link to forward to your reader friends (that’s your reader friends!) Closing date for the competition (and your chance to win a pretty nice bundle including a book that no one else will ever own!) is July 26th. Good luck!

Here’s the specific mailing list sign-up link to copy and forward (although add an explanation or they’ll just wonder what the heck it is):