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So, here are the TWELVE audiobooks nominated for Audiobook of the Year 2015. Stephen King, JK Rowling and WAIT OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT DOWN AT THE BOTTOM

For the love of God, if you’ve ever/never shared or voted or reviewed anything of mine … Click on the link below and vote (you can vote for three but fuck THAT, you vote for ONE) because this shit could change my life. And more importantly … can you share thisto FIVE PEOPLE you know who would vote too?

Can you help?

SMITHEREENS, NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE. Ronson, though … I can’t see me beating Ronson. A big social media following. Ransom’s lot vs the Smithereens … you are the Spartans, Ronson is the persian army. Even though I like Ronson. ‪#‎smitherdvsronson‬