Ok, it’s all been signed off and confirmed and so now I can officially announce the big bit of news that I’ve been hinting at.

I’m being published.

Audible are actually going to produce and publish the audiobook of KILL SOMEONE. ANYONE. An advance has been agreed and, more importantly, they’re going to be marketing it. That last part, as you perhaps already realise, is absolutely huge to someone like me who has only had themselves – as well as some of you guys who really help¬†spread the word, and recently Joanne Giovenco whose I would like to publicly thank for her invaluable help, as well as Laurence and Henna at Audible and of course Sophie at ACX – to try and get the books in front of people.¬†

If this interests you the next questions probably are: when’s it coming out, and who is going to be doing the voiceover? The honest answers are 1. Not 100% sure but probably November I should think, as production time is roughly two months. 2. I don’t know. It might be me, but while I’ll be being consulted about it the final decision for that lies with them. It’s a small concession for me to make, and I trust their judgement.

The good news for this is also that I can schedule a simultaneous Amazon and Audible release for not only that book but HOW TO BE A VIGILANTE: A DIARY as well.

All release dates will be confirmed soon, and pre-orders will be possible too. Those of you who want to join the launch team (advance copies in exchange for launch day reviews) get on the mailing list.

For those of you who have spread the word and left your reviews, thank you so much. If you hadn’t made noise, this never would have happened.