The Man on Table Ten

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“… a novel that intrigues, enthralls, horrifies, thrills, and hits the reader with an emotional resonance as only the best stories can.” – Ain’t It Cool

… strong characterization, moral quandaries, mystery, and a whole lot of tense moments. Reading the final sentence was truly a bittersweet moment.” –, Hugo award-winning website

It’s a story that he hasn’t told anyone for fifty years. A secret that he’s kept ever since he grew tired of the disbelieving faces and doctors’ reports advising medication. He’s been careful. He hasn’t even touched a single drop of booze since that one, fateful evening.

This is why his decision on this day – the decision to have three drinks – will change the life of bright young waitress Lisa Willoughby forever. For today,The Man On Table Ten has decided that he wants to share his incredible tale.

Lisa’s been around old drunks before. She’s heard her fair share of unlikely urban legends and creepy stories; tall bar room tales of science fiction that made her roll her eyes while wearing a plastered-on smile. But today is different. The Man on Table Ten is different. True, this mysterious stranger’s story of psychic abilities and supernatural creatures is straight out of the
Twilight Zone … but there is something about his impossibly blue eyes that Lisa just cannot ignore.

When he is finished, she will have to worry. Once the tale is told, and she knows the unbelievable burden that The Man On Table Ten has had to carry throughout the years. When she knows of his incredible sacrifice and the mysterious reason for his strange quality of life. When she knows the truth, and is left powerless to do anything except watch for the signs …

All of that will come later. For now, The Man On Table Ten is talking; pull up a chair. After all, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you did, would it?

An unusual supernatural thriller, exclusively for the Kindle, THE MAN ON TABLE TEN – A MYSTERIOUS SCIENCE FICTION TALE is another release in the range of metaphysical kindle books from Luke Smitherd, the author of the Amazon number one bestseller THE STONE MAN. Original and compelling, the mysterious stranger’s paranormal tale will leave you breathless and listening carefully, wondering if that sound you can hear might just be ‘pouring sand that grows louder with every second … ‘


  • “I couldn’t help myself and read this is one sitting” – simon211175, Amazon Vine Voice
  • “Fantastically written characters who make you care about them right from the off.” – Andy Pettifer
  • “It was one of those books where you tell yourself you will read just one more page, then look at the clock and realise that it’s 2 hours later. I would thoroughly recommend it” – Elaine Hosegood
  • “I have owned a Kindle for about 2 years and downloaded some excellent books for very little cost but Luke Smitherd’s works beat the lot” – Silversmith, Amazon UK Review
  • “As soon as I started reading I was completely sucked in, which very rarely happens for me. I couldn’t wait to get home and read it each night. I laughed. I cried. I did actual real life gasps of horror.” – Katie, Amazon Review
  • “I spend a lot of time trawling through the kindle book store looking for cheap books, relying on reviews to make my purchases. I have come across some less than average books using this method, but also some real gems. This book definitely falls into the latter category. It had me gripped from page one.” – Steve Sut, Amazon UK Review
  • “This story could be made into a movie at some point. Totally enjoyed the read.” – Bonnie Gleckler Clark, Goodreads

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